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10 Insanely Clever Uses for Shower Curtain Rings that Save Space and De-Clutter


Nov 2, 2016


Everyone Has Them, And They Serve More Uses Than You Think

Chances are, you have a stack of these  gems somewhere in your house or apartment. In the never-ending struggle to de-clutter and organize, the seemingly innocuous shower curtain ring can make a huge difference, in ways I bet you never imagined. 

uses for shower curtain rings

1. Clever Uses for Shower Curtain Rings: Hanging Scarfs

shower curtain rings storage: scarfs

Although not as much of an issue for native LA Residents, a problem which faces many people is where and how to store scarves in a way that keeps them easily accessible, without having to take up a huge amount of closet space or hangers. Here is a simple solution. Simply attach plastic shower curtain rings to a coat hanger and then hang your scarves through the open rings. You will be able to see all of your scarves, and storage is a breeze! Plus, you can save a ton of closet space by hanging them in this way!

2. Clever Uses for Shower Curtain Rings: Bathtub Toy Organizer

shower curtain rings storage bathtub organizer

If you have a little one, and have ever had to deal with the nightmare that are suction cup bins/baskets designed to organize your bathtub toys, you will appreciate this clever idea. Use a tension rod, and clip shower curtain rings through either side of your bathroom/water safe baskets. Slide the rings onto the tension rod, and there you have it! Well organized toys, in easy reach of your kiddos, without having to worry about plastic suction cups which hardly work, and often grow mildew and mold. As an added bonus, this configuration is easy to put up and take down! This means you can easily remove the toys for company or for your own personal bath time and put them back up with little-to-no-effort!


3. Clever Uses for Shower Curtain Rings: Hang Bath Products

Shower curtain ring storage bathroom products

A soap for your body, one for your face, shaving cream, shampoo, conditioner - most people have a plethora of bottles cluttering up their showers, and little to no space to store them without looking like an eye soar. Or how about those times when you reach for a bottle, which inevitably falls  from it's perch and has a high likelihood of smashing your poor defenseless feet? Both problems are easily solves using the simple shower curtain ring. For this application, you will need to select the shower curtain rings which come with a clip. For those bathroom and beauty products in tubes, simply clip one end to the shower curtain and hang on your regular shower rod. This will give you easy access to your products, and will keep the available surfaces in your bathtub free and clear of clutter. 


4. Clever Uses for Shower Curtain Rings:  Purse & Bag  Organizer

shower curtain ring storage bags

If you're a lady like me, who has a hard time turning away from a cute purse for a good deal, then this storage idea is perfect for you. It couldn't be more straight forward or easy to accomplish either. Take a few plastic shower curtain rings and connect them. Hang purses on the rings! It is that simple. Talk about saving storage space! Keep purses in easy reach, and off the floor or shelves. 

This is also great for those re-useable grocery bags!


5. Clever Uses for Shower Curtain Rings:  Belt Organizer

shower curtain ring storage belts

Accessories tend to to be a huge source of clutter. Organize your belts with a tension rod or over the door hanger, and some well places shower curtain rods. Installation is simple and straight forward!


6. Clever Uses for Shower Curtain Rings:  Jewelry Organizer

shower curtain ring storage jewelry

One of my favorites on this list, using a shower curtain ring to organize your jewelry will free up counter or drawer space, and will help to eliminate the problem of tangles chains or necklaces. You can sort the jewelry by color, or type, or even just throw them on these S shaped shower curtain hooks for an easy way to access, store, and organize your jewelry!

7. Clever Uses for Shower Curtain Rings:  Hair Tie Organizer

shower curtain ring storage hair tie organizer

This clever storage idea is great for purse organization, or bathroom organization. Instead of having a ton of stray hair ties or hair elastics, put them on a clear shower curtain ring! You can then drop the organized elastics in your bag for on the go, hang them up to keep clutter off bathroom counters, or store them in a drawer. In this way, your can organize your hair elastics without needing to use bulky bins.


8. Clever Uses for Shower Curtain Rings: Organize Pots and Pans

shower curtain ring storage pots and pans

Shower curtain rings are great for storage in many areas beyond the kitchen as well! Also known as "S Hooks", these shower curtain hangers can make a huge difference in the kitchen. Stop digging for pots and pans in a low, dark cabinet. Instead, hang up your pots and pans to add storage space, style, and de-clutter your kitchen with this clever idea. You can also go straight from washer to hanging to allow pots and pans to dry after cleaning. 

As an added bonus, hanging pots and pans is stylish, and can add an element of decor to your kitchen that also serves a valuable purpose. 

9. Clever Uses for Shower Curtain Rings: Coffee Mug Organizer

shower curtain ring storage cups

Similar to hanging pots and pans, you can also hang up your coffee mugs using S shaped shower curtain hangers and a rod mounted into your wall. Perfect for breakfast nooks, this clever kitchen storage idea will free up space in your cabinets, and also looks great!


10. Clever Uses for Shower Curtain Rings: Tools

shower curtain ring storage tools

Shower curtain rings also serve as great ways to store your washers, nuts, and other small hardware. Keep all of your nuts and washers organized, so you can minimize the need to search and decipher which washer is the right size. Attach a small label that displays the size of the washers or nuts on the ring, and you can save space and a decent amount of time, plus de-clutter your work space. You can also store wrench sets, hex key sets, and many other tools in this fashion, especially if you also use a peg board for organization. 


There You Have it -

10 insanely clever uses for shower curtain rings that can save you time, de-clutter your living or work space, and will save you time and money. These clever storage ideas are perfect for small spaces, or any space at all!