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10 Stunning Celebrity Kitchens


Jan 20, 2017

Celebrity Kitchens | Inspire your Kitchen Design

Many of the design elements in these fantastic celebrity kitchens are not out of your reach. The trends we see in today's celebrity kitchen seems to be exposed beams, minimal deco, ample seating and warm, natural wood tones. These celebrity kitchens are the epitome of style and design and are a great place to gain some inspiration if you're considering a kitchen remodel.

1.) John Legend


Talk about luxury- this fantastic, open-air kitchen is in the home of John Legend. The exposed beams, natural wood tones, and ample seating dazzle- and who wouldn't love that fantastic view?

2.) Ralph Lauren

Ralph-Lauren-Celebrity-kitchen It doesn't get more contemporary than this. This impeccable, sleek, ultra- minimal kitchen belongs to the fashion icon Ralph Lauren. The stainless steel appliances, stark white color, and clean lines are a perfect example of the contemporary style. 

3.) Russel Brand


Chef style ceilings, ample storage space for wine, warm lighting, and neutral color scheme come together to create this beautiful, traditional style kitchen once shared by Katy Perry and Russel Brand. Recessed lighting, big open windows, and open cabinet scheme mesh beautifully with the sleek counter tops and modern bar stools.

4. Ellen DeGeneres


Not nearly as eccentric as it's fabulous homeowner, this kitchen is everything a rustic kitchen should be. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia own this beautifully designed kitchen space. The open air design with high ceilings, fire place, lounging chair and minimal counter tops gives off a warm, inviting, vibe that is sure to charm.

5.) Heidi Klum

hklum kitchen

This modern kitchen is where Heidi Klum prepares her meals. The warm, wood tones, marble counter tops, and sleek stools for seating make this modern kitchen unique.

6.) Taylor Swift



Cozy, cozy, cozy! This beautiful kitchen with ample seating and exposed wooden ceiling beams belongs to Taylor Swift. The wood floors are fantastic, allowing the natural grain to show through. All around, this traditional style kitchen is one that impresses

7.) Kris Jenner

kjenner kitchen

This stark white, vintage inspired kitchen belongs to Kris Jenner. With a two tone color scheme, double kitchen islands, and high contrast floor make this style somewhat difficult to place. It has some elements of contemporary design while still retaining the look and feel of a traditional kitchen.  

8.) Lady Gaga


Another beautiful rustic kitchen is in the Malibu Mansion of Lady Gaga. The warm, natural earth tones, exposed wooden beams, warm overhead lighting, and open cabinets are reminiscent of a cozy, mountain cabin.[/caption]  

9.) Kim & Kanye


This beautiful, rustic kitchen with high vaulted ceilings, exposed beams,and minimal deco belongs to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. This kitchen keeps true to the rustic style with the natural wood tones, and traditional cabinets. Featuring a double stove, and TWO kitchen islands, and marble countertops this kitchen is a chef's dream.[/caption]  

10.) Jay Z & Beyonce



This fabulous, ultra-contemporary, all white kitchen is the focal point of the $85 Million L.A. hilltop mansion insiders say Jay Z and Beyonce are buying. The clean lines, neutral colors, and minimalistic design are a perfect example of a contemporary style kitchen. The open air design features a bar with ample seating, seamless countertops, and nearly hidden drawers.



Author: Franccesca Tardini