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$250mil Bel Air Megamansion is the Most Expensive Home For Sale in US


Jan 25, 2017

bel-air mega mansion

Inside the Most Expensive House in the U.S.: $250,000,000 Bel Air Megamansion

With the current median U.S. home price hovering around $249,000, one can only imagine the decadence and luxury that comes along with a house bearing a price tag of $250,000,000. In 2016, the real estate market was shaken up with not one, but two LA area homes selling for $100,000,000; however, if this spec mansion built by bag designing mogul Bruce Makowsky sells for anywhere near its asking price, it will be the most expensive house ever sold in the United States.

So what do you get for $250,000,000? A level of excess and lavishness that will leave you dazed and confused.

Designer Bruce Makowsky's development company has catered to billionaires who pay tens of millions for his quirky, contemporary, ready-built homes complete with countless amenities and designer wares for the last six years. The four story Bel Air Mansion took four years and 250 workers to complete. The house may not be the biggest in LA county, with 12 bedrooms and 21 bathrooms totaling a cozy 38,000 sq ft of living space, but it certainly comes with enough trim to satisfy even the most opulent buyer. 

The contemporary home features a 40 seat 4k Dolby Atmos theatre, a 4 lane bowling alley, two stocked wine cellars, a $30,000,000 collection of exotic cars and motorcycles, as well as the designer's signature "candy room".

us most expensive house for sale bowling alley
40 seat 4k Dolby Atmos Theatre

250mil house bel air bowling alley
4 Lane Bowling Alley

us most expensive house cars
$30,000,000 Collection of exotic cars and motorcycles included with your mansion purchase


... and that's just the first floor.


What else is included in the $250,000,000 price tag?

How about more than 100 art installations including a decommissioned helicopter, which you can look at from your incredible new office.

helicopter office view 250 mil mansion
Decommissioned helicopter is just one of over 100 art installations in the house


Don't forget the 2 fully stocked champagne/ wine cellars, and the designer's signature, "Candy Room"

250 million house wine cellar
One of Two Fully Stocked Wine/ Champagne cellars

250 million house candy room
Bruce is Known for including a candy wall in all of his spec houses

250 mil house fitness center
Have too much candy? Enjoy your state of the art fitness center

How's this for a kitchen view?


$250,000,000 Mansion: Exterior Features

For those who prefer a little time in the warm, sunny, Los Angeles air - the house features massive terraces which provide a 270 degree city-to-ocean view. Likely one of the most breath taking views in all of Los Angeles. 

most expensive house for sale 270 view
270 Degree Views of Los Angeles 

If a city view isn't really your thing, then you can easily change the scenery then you can use your pop-up outdoor movie screen when you swim in your 85 foot, glass tiled, infinity swimming pool (which of course is complete with a swim-up bar)

us most expensive house pop up movie screen
Pop-Up Movie Screen with Stunning LA views Behind.

250 mill house
Massage Parlor included in the estate


250 Mil house at night
The $250 Million House lit up at night

Property Site

The site was purchased for $11 million four years ago from Michael Strahan. The property sits on roughly one acre of some of the most sought after land in Los Angeles. The megamansion was built on speculation, meaning that the house is completely furnished, and everything you see in these photos comes with the astonishing price tag. Ben Bacal of Rodeo Realty and Branden and Rayni Williams of Hilton & Hyland, an affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate, share the listing.


So What Can $250,000,000 Get You?

In short - a contemporary work of art; fully furnished and designed for some billionaire who is yet to be determined. The house, even if not everyone's cup of tea, has to be appreciated for all of its exuberance and over-the-top attention to detail and contemporary style. Obviously, no detail or expense was spared to create this incredible house reminiscent of Willy Wonka's fabled chocolate factory. it is certainly a treat for the senses, and if sold near it's asking price will go down in history as one of the most expensive houses ever sold. Worth $250,000,000? You decide.