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5 Safest Neighborhoods in Los Angeles 2016


Sep 19, 2016

Does Your Neighborhood Make the Cut?

Safety is a concern for everyone during these tumultuous times. Even the most posh Los Angeles neighborhoods are not exempt from crime within their residential areas. The Los Angeles Police Department provides the public with easy access to view crime rates in Los Angeles. These reports divide Los Angeles into 21 areas. Then, the crime in each area is subdivided by the type of offense and whether or not an arrest was made. (You can find these reports at the LAPD Crime Mapping and Compstat website)

LAPD Divides Los Angeles into the following 21 areas:

  1. Central Los Angeles
  2. Rampart
  3. Southwest LA
  4. Hollenbeck
  5. Harbor
  6. Hollywood
  7. Wilshire
  8. West LA
  9. Van Nuys
  10. West Valley
  11. Northeast
  12. 77th
  13. Newton
  14. Pacific
  15. North Hollywood
  16. Foothill
  17. Devonshire
  18. Southeast
  19. Mission
  20. Olympic
  21. Topanga

We looked at these most recent reports which monitor crime up to 9/16/2016 to determine the 5 safest neighborhoods in Los Angeles. We rank them from 5 to 1, based on the year to date counts for homicides, violent crimes (rape and assault) and property crime (burglary, auto theft).

You can click the name of the city to view the entire report.

Does your area make the cut?


5. Topanga


  • YTD Homicides: 5
  • Violent Crimes: 606
  • Property Crimes: 3950

4. Wilshire


  • YTD Homicides: 3
  • Violent Crimes: 579
  • Property Crimes: 3555

3. West Valley

west valley

  • YTD Homicides: 2
  • Violent Crimes: 549
  • Property Crimes: 3598

2. Devonshire


  • YTD Homicides: 5
  • Violent Crimes: 492
  • Property Crimes: 4042

1. West Los Angeles

west LA

  • YTD Homicides: 1
  • Violent Crimes: 361
  • Property Crimes: 3638


Interested in keeping up to date with crime statistics for Los Angeles?

You can always check the website to find very specific, up to the minute crime information!