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Small Balcony Decor Ideas Perfect For Renters

Sep 21, 2016

Balcony Decor Ideas Perfect for Renters 

balcony decor ideas


Before we get into any project specifics- let’s take a moment to go over the necessary prep work.

This should help you to organize , prioritize, and establish what kinds of projects would be best for your small balcony.

1. Measure your balcony.

You won’t need to know the exact area of your small balcony, but you should get a general idea of its length and width. That way you can avoid buying furniture that ends up being too large or too small for the balcony area. Use a tape measure to measure the longest wall, and the overall width of your balcony area. Write it down! It will be helpful when you go into a furniture or hardware store to know exactly what will and won’t fit the size of your balcony. Oh, and don’t forget to measure the door to your balcony– It’s a terrible feeling to purchase the perfect outdoor table, only to discover you can’t fit it through the door of your apartment or condo to get it on the balcony.

2. Prioritize.

Ask yourself, “How do I want to use this space? What is the main activity or function of my balcony?”. In smaller spaces especially, you will likely need to prioritize the use of space in order to plan a set up which suits you best. For example, if you’re main purpose of using your balcony is for occasionally grilling, then you would want to design around having a grill, a table, easily accessible trash receptacles, and some kind of storage. If you’re main purpose is to enjoy some sunbathing- then you would likely want to go with a design that incorporates lounge type chairs, likely has some kind of towel storage, and a place to keep various lotions and oils.

3. Plan.

Spend some time to think about designs or colors you want in your Small Balcony. With small spaces, it is easy to clutter up a space or clash colors since items are less spread apart.  Also: people who plan their spaces tend to spend less in the end. With a clear plan on what you want and what you need, you don’t end up going to a retail store and impulse buy. Set a budget, look online for specific collections you may like, price check, shop around, and you will be saving yourself a lot of stress!

Ok, so now that the basics are covered-

Lets get to the ideas! Decorating a small balcony is much like decorating a small room. We already discussed the importance of pre-planning your space; so keep those measurements in mind when purchasing anything!

The Ideas

1.) Vertical Plant Potters

vertical potter balcony ideas

one of the most challenging aspects of creating a small balcony space, is the limited floor space. In this sense, with anything you put into your small balcony  design, you should be thinking vertically. Try storing plants in a vertical fashion instead of scattered around the already cluttered floor space. You can by these types of vertical planters from most big box retail stores. 

**Pro-Tip: If you prefer to go the DIY route, you can actually make one of these vertical planters out of an over the door shoe organizer for a fraction of the cost!.

privacy with balcony plants

Not only do vertical planters open up floor space, they can serve a multitude of purposes. Plants herbs and spices in your vertical planter and every meal can be enhanced by the rich flavor of truly fresh ingredients. Some plants even act as repellents for mosquito, and other insects. Depending on your set up, it is also possible to grow all natural fruits and vegetables. There is, literally, no better way to ensure that your food is free from harsh and harmful chemicals and pesticides!

Plus, when it comes time to move, you won't be risking your deposit because vertical planters don't require any part of the balcony to be altered!

In addition to looking very nice, and providing wonderful shade and a fragrant smell; vertically aligned plants also serve another purpose-

Create Privacy with Vines, or Vertical Plants

Balcony decor ideas privacy vertical gardens

Privacy and security are common concerns fro renters, especially those who reside in first floor apartments. Vertical planters are a great to to help solve this issue. Arranged correctly, vertical plants and gardens can drastically reduce what is visible to anyone who passes by. This ads a layer of security and privacy for tenants. Creating privacy in such close quarters can also be a challenge- having healthy plants grow to block out the sun, or the prying eyes of nosy neighbors is a great way to utilize the space efficiently.  

This way your plants are both aesthetically beautiful, and efficient!

3.) Fold Out Table

balcony ideas fold out table outbalcony ideas folding table


Having a fold out or, "Murphy" style table is a great way to add some interesting design and much needed space. You can install these yourself or have a professional  install them for you with relative ease and little expense 

4.) Neutral Colors with a Splash

To make your small balcony design really pop, try contrasting the colors. Use neutral colors for furniture and area rugs, and add a bold, bright accent to catch the eye. 


When it comes to small spaces, a little jolt of color can really go a long way! Use bright, airy colors to make your small balcony seem larger and more open. Who doesn't love the imagery of white linens blowing in a gentle breeze?


5.) Water Fountain

balcony ideas water fountains


Adding a water feature is a great way to add some dynamic elements to a small space, and the noise that these water features provide is relaxing. There is no need for special plumbing or hook ups- in this day and age, you can set up a water feature straight out of the box. Plug, and go.

6.) Do Not Fear the Floor

balcony ideas floor pillows

Having seating which is lower will change your perspective, and make your balcony seem much larger. You can be creative with different shapes and colors of pillows, bean bags, etc. Look at this balcony design with incorporates the floor as part of the seating:



The floor may not be for everyone, but utilizing this, previously unused real estate of your balcony  can add a lot of different seating and color options.

Summer is almost here!

Get your small balcony  design up and running, and prepare for a few months of summer sun, summer fun, and quality time with friends and family! You'll be glad you did.

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Published 9.21.2016