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Free Download: 1st Time Home Buyers' Tool Kit


Oct 11, 2016

Free, Downloadable Resources for 1st Time Home Buyers

Taking the plunge and buying a house seems like a simple enough endeavor, right?


Buying a house is, by far, one of the most tedious, and convoluted experiences there is in real estate. Many prospective homeowners find themselves overwhelmed and unsure of what the next step is, or even where to start on the long sea of red tape and appropriate forms that constitute the home buying process.

The Kit Includes:

  • Visual Guide to Home Buying Process
  • Hiring the Right Attorney
  • What to Ask a Seller
  • Moving Checklist / Planner
  • What to Ask Your Home Inspector
  • and much, much more!


Home Buyer's ToolKit:

You can download these forms individually by clicking on the links below, or you can download them all in one compressed zip folder!

 You can Download the Entire Home Buyer's Toolkit by clicking the link below:

Complete Home Buyer's Toolkit  


Whether This is Your First Home Buying Experience, Or You're a Seasoned Pro

We hope that this collection of helpful worksheets, tools, and tips makes the home buying process just a little bit easier.