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Property Managers & Renters Both Benefit From Growth in Unexpected LA Suburb


Renters and property managers are moveing away from the city center to seek releif from LA's competitive real estate climate; and they're both benefiting from a mini rental boom in an unexpected LA suburb


Downtown LA Property Managers Are Doing Something Shocking


There is something happening in downtown LA that is causing property managers to do something the rest of Los Angeles might find shocking. It is something that hasn't happened in years. Will this trend spread to the rest of LA? Only time will tell.


Resources for Tenants Who Are Short on Rent


Life happens. With the soaring cost of renting in Los Angeles, studies show that most tenants are paying more than half of their income towards rent. No one likes evictions - they are stressful for property managers and tenants alike. Here are some great resources property management can offer tenants who may be a little short this month.


Essential Technology for the Modern Property Manager


Property Management hasn't changed much over the last few years, but technology certainly has.Keeping up to date with technology is a way for property managers to remain competitve in todays market; while also fulfilling a commitment to current and future tenant's needs. In this article we look at  essential tools any modern property manager should implement in their business, both in respect to managment and tenant amenities.


Irresistible Model Apartment Decor Ideas for Property Management


With high turn over rates, and fierce competition, and high expectations from potential renters - now more than ever having well designed, highly desireabe model apartment decor is crucial to success. Here are some timeless model apartment decor ideas that are sure to attract renters.


How I Rented an Apartment in LA with a 457 Credit Score


Renting in LA can be pretty difficult. I share my story of how I was able to rent an apartment with attrocious credit and no co-signer. Every situation is different, I was losing hope- and then ... well, you'll see.


How to Make A Small Room Look Bigger


Sometimes the rooms we have aren't as big as the rooms we want. There are ways to make a small room appear to be larger, and this article will give you a few tips to help open up your room(s)


National Study: These are the Home Improvement Projects w/Highest ROI


We look at the current sale market and gathered information from trusted sources such as, and better homes and garden, to look at specific home improvements and their expected return on investment.


So You Think You Know Tenant's Rights? Take this Quiz to Find Out


So you think you know California Tenant's rights? This is a 10 question, multiple choice quiz we designed straight out of the California Tenant's Rights Laws. 




10 DIY Ideas for Cat Lovers & Small Spaces


Fair is Fair- we already covered the best places to live in LA if youre a dog owner, this article is all about the crazy cat lady in all of us. We show you some DIY space saving tips for living with a cat in a a small space.


10 Daring Ideas for Marketing Real Estate


These are not your father's marketing tips. These Marketing ideas won't be found online either (until now). Check out these daring Real Estate Maketing Ideas - Definitely not for the faint of heart.


10 Clever Packing Tips WIll Cut Packing Time in Half


Moving is a stressful, labor intensive ordeal from start to finish. These clever ideas can cut the time it takes to pack for your next move in half!


What They Dont Want You To Know: Best Kept Industry Secrets for Success in Real Estate


Being a good real estate agent takes a combination of life experience and education. We dive into the best kept industry secrets for new and existing real estate agents.


10 Benefits of Hiring a Property Management Company

WHat do property managers actually do? More than you can imagine, but for this article we break down te top ten benefits of hiring a property managment company.


Inside Billionaire Mansions: 10 Most Expensive Houses for Sale in California


In this article we are counting down the ten most expensive homes for sale in California. A few of these houses, if sold at their asking price, woill blow the current US real estate record for most expensive house sold (102 million) way out of the water. Some of these homes are iconic, some are notorious, all are the epitome of luxury.


Think You Can't Afford a House? REOs May Be Your Answer


One of the main factors that discourage many families across the us from purchasing a home is the cost. Many AMericans feel as though the home they want is out of their reach. REOs may be a viable option


15 DIY Fails Show Why Being A Realtor Isnt Always Sunshine and Rainbows


Sometimes being a real estate agent is very, very hard. We leave you today with these hilarious DIY fails that were discovered by real estate agents. It is funny to look back, but I am sure at the time, these cringeworthy flubs had agents wishing for a do-over


Getting Your Deposit Back | A Landlord's Advice on Moving Out


It is possible to get your deposit back on a rental unit is possible; it does happen! It takes some extra effort on your part, but the result could pay off, big time. Leave your landlord happy, and your unit clean with this step by step guide


Your House Isnt Special | 5 Truths You Must Accept To Sell Your House


So you're selling your house, or trying to anyway. Sometimes the best of intentions end up with the worst of consequences. Overcoming these 5 egotistical hang ups will help you sell your house


5 Best Areas of LA for Dog Owners To Live And Play


A recent survey shows that nearly 70% of households in Los Angeles has at least one family pet. We look at the best places for dog owners to live, and places for them to enjoy time with their fur babies..



Celebrity Real Estate Watch: See Inside The Stunning Starter Home of Kylie Jenner .


The teenage star of reality t.v. put up her starter home in calbasas only a year after purchasing it. The inside of this home is completely custom, and it is beautiful


The FAA Approves Drone Use in Real Estate Today


After much anticipation, the FAA announced today their policies on drone usage for the purposes of Real Estate marketing. How will this new announcement change real estate marketing?


10 Apartment Hunting Tools Every Californian Should Use


Apartment hunting isn't easy, and it is even harder in a city like LA with its constantly changing housing environment and ultra high rental costs. This is a list of ten tools you can use to get to truly understand a prospective neighborhood and help you find the right apartment for you.